miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Daily Routine

I always ... I get up at 4:00 am I brush my teeth and take a shower, sometimes.... breakfast, if I'm not careful, sometimes... I fall asleep.

Almost always... sleep came to my house, always lunch at the same time as always, I usually take a coffee. almost never read the newspaper....

I always... go to my karate practice, almost always... do my homework after a shower, and usually.. open my social networks before bedtime

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

International Celebration!! #Halloween

An international celebration of which I will talk about is halloween.
Halloween is a holiday celebrated mainly in the U.S. on the night of October 31th at my house, before weeks of halloween my house we decorate with skeletons
, pumpkins, candles and decorations in orange and Black, for reasons to Halloween, we often design our own costumes to be released on the 31th   and  we took to the streets, is a very fun day, and one of my favorites!!!  I LOVE HALLOWEEN ♥

 Halloween in my house!

Happy Halloween!!

                   My Horror makeup #Witch LOL

Special Day

Hi, My name is Kariennys, My favorite month of the year is December because it's my birthday and Christmas Eve.
My favorite day of the week is the weekend Saturday and Sunday "Because I go out with my friends and family. My favorite day of the year, year-end, because I share with my loved ones, and I see my dad. My birthday is on December 26th, I was born  in 1994. I`m 16 Years old and this year I`m going to be 17 years!
                                             My birthday with "La vida boheme" and my friends

                                                    My birthday with my family

                                                   My favorite day of the year, year-end

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Welcome to my blog post!

Hi, there! My name’s  Kariennys Medina but you can call me Kari,  I’m from Ojeda city, Actually I live in Tia Juana I`m 16 Years old and  I study Graphic Design at URBE. My favorite subjects are English and graphic design workshop and I`m in the 2th trimester. I am a crazy obsessed with diamonds. 

I love chanel. dancing, playing Guitar hero *-*  "Music, The Korean pop, turkish pop, marina and the diamonds, Lady GaGa, FT island♥  hear and be heard, sincerity,  dreams, aspirations. I love too M&M`s and SKITTLES ♥ be eccentric, I love anything original and above all, I love vogue.

I hate the darkness D: , lie, hypocrisy, monotony, the Reggaeton & Vallenato :S people without aspirations   I can't stand TUKKY people :@ 

My dream is be a fashion designer, visit house Chanel in France, Germany, South Korean, Turkia and Colombia!!   I also want to learn to speak French, Turkish, Korean & English. someday be owner of the firm #Chanel LOL .... and much more..

About English, I love to learn new languages because I can communicate with people around the world, understand songs, movies, phrases , I learned the basics in English but I have to practice much.

I always carry a few sentences
1) in this world there is no big dreams, only small men, 
2)  the fashions pass, but the style  remains !! 
Well, This is a little bit about me . I Hope you liked it... Please, leave a comment! :)
And follow me in twitter ;) @KariDiamandis XOXO  ♥

Chanel *-* My future fashion firm! LOL :D

                                                                             Me! :) 

My Schedules


A poem for my Mom!!

For the woman who gave me life, the most wonderful person, the person who stood by me during these 16 years of age, the person who sees me laugh, mourn, the person who most love in this world, my mother. Many thanks to her for existing, for loving me as only she knows .... I love you Yadira!! ♥

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

She is a girl of small stature, light skin, dark eyes and hair, funny, good person his nickname is "Valen
 Her name is Valentina Carvajal, She is from Manizales Colombia has 16 years, like me,
  She is a student of the "
Institute University of Caldas, she lives in cervantes - Caldas. "Colombia"
she likes to dance, sing, watch TV, be on the PC, talk to your friends, talk on the phone, eating ice cream
   She loves music, and most of all singing, rock, a band Called rammstein, watch anime.
She Enjoys life at every moment, when she are with your family, friends.She does not like lies, junk food, and music like "Vallenato",
She Hate people "electro"or flogger.
She can not stand hypocrites and ignorant people.
Her dream is to be famous, be a model or singer in a band, traveling to paris,
she wants to be a profecional, speak English, German perfectly.
she thinks English is very important and essential to a person, who wants to travel and see new things, she wants to fully learn the language well to communicate in a new way...

Usually we speak and chat, video - call, or simply by phone, many things we talked, we shared many things, we have 2 years to have met, because she come to on vacation to Venezuela, now living in his country
                                                       She is my BFF and my sister Valen ♥ 

Thanks for visiting my blog... I hope your comments XOXO